Refer to instructions for assembly.
Periodically check that the metal parts are correctly fixed.
The products in beech-wood, although treated, are not suitable for continuous outdoor use; do not leave them in the rain and dry them when it happens.
The protective treatment must be periodically renewed, for a good maintenance of the wooden product.
Do not sit down on the backrest of the chair or on the top of the table.
Do not stand, swing or badly move on the chair or on the table.
Do not use the product in different ways than the use it is designed.
Avoid contact with heat sources, or lighted cigarettes.
Wipe up immediately any spillages with a clean, dry cloth.
Do not use harsh or abrasive detergents or products.
To clean, use products that are specifically for wood.
Fabric: wash with cold water using a neutral soap. Do not wring.

The manufacturer disclaims any responsibility deriving from incorrect use of the chair.

If the above mentioned information and recommendation are not followed, the guarantee on the product can not be valid.